Category: Featured Composers

Helen Grime

September 4, 2016

Helen Grime studied both oboe and composition at the Royal College of Music and so knows the instrument extremely well. As well as her Oboe Concerto (written in 2003) which won an prize from the British Composer Awards, Helen has also written the following works for oboe. Three Miniatures (2013) My Three Miniatures for oboe…

Emily Doolittle

July 2, 2016

This month, we feature Canadian-born, Glasgow-based composer and oboist Emily Doolittle. Emily has very kindly written detailed notes on her oboe repertoire below. We are very pleased to announce that the first two works mentioned below have also joined the New Oboe Collection in partnership with Composers Edition. One of my ongoing interests as a…

David Knotts

June 2, 2016

This month, we are exploring four oboe compositions by English composer, David Knotts. The oboe repertoire that David has composed spans nearly two decades and includes both solo oboe, duo and trio works. David’s oboe works have been added to the special collection of compositions published in partnership with the Composers Edition (click here to view)….

Colin Matthews

Colin Matthews

March 31, 2016

British composer, Colin Matthews has made a significant contribution to the oboe repertoire over a period of several decades. Below are a selection of his oboe works featuring programme notes written by the composer himself. As well as the compositions mentioned below, a new solo oboe work will soon be available which Colin is composing…

Ellen Lindquist

Ellen Lindquist

February 6, 2016

This month’s featured composer is one who has written particularly striking and beautiful music for the oboe. It was in 2007 that I heard Ellen’s piece Zosa performed by Laura Karney in Germany. I was immediately struck by how very well she had made use of multiphonics and techniques such as having the oboe play into…


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